Marleen allows artists to create PBR textures in seconds

Speed up your design iterations with generative AI technology, allowing you to create high fidelity 3D designs in record time.

Unlike any tool
you’ve used before

Marleen help improves communication between concept artists and 3D modellers by streamlining the material requirements process.

Automatically generate normal, roughness, and metalness maps all from a single base map

Fine-tune material parameters to achieve the best visual quality

Export of material maps to use directly by the 3D artist

AI assisted generation of base map from prompt and reference photos

Download Demo

The software is still in the early stage of development and we welcome all comments, reviews, expectations!

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About Us

We are a game studio based in Toronto, we released a 3D detective puzzle solving game called Keyword: A Spider’s thread. While making the game, we noticed creating PBR texture is a tedious job and we wish to use machine learning models to automate this process so all the artists can benefit from it.